Black Ops Golf: Not Your Daddy’s Golf Anymore

The thin veneer of Country Club “gentleman’s behavior” started cracking when John McEnroe pitched his first hissy fit in tennis on national television. Then players started wearing clothes OTHER than white (which only the rich can afford to keep clean, right?), and it has been downhill ever since.

Golf has been the last bastion of “good” behavior — until now.

Black Ops Golf is sport psychology on steroids — no, make that raging on steroids.

It is about winning, no matter what.

It is about intimidation on the tee.

It is about domination on the greens.

it is about the subtle nod, the barely heard word that causes your opponent to shank a short iron into the trees.

It is about pocketing the cash — and the confidence — when your so-called “better” golfers walk off the golf course shaking their heads, wondering how they every lost to YOU.

Black Ops Golf, that’s how.

Get it.

Read it.

Use it.

Win. Black Ops Golf >>

Your opponents never really had a chance.